Warship 2024 Conference Photography

Discover the highlights of Warship 2024: Future Surface Combatants, captured by Event Photographer Adelaide at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

On June 18-19, 2024, the Adelaide Convention Centre hosted a prestigious event – Warship 2024: Future Surface Combatants, organized by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects. This two-day conference brought together leading experts and professionals from the naval architecture and defense sectors to discuss and explore the future of surface combatants.

As the official photographer for this event, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of the conference, documenting key moments, engaging presentations, and the vibrant interactions between participants. Here’s a detailed account of the conference, along with a selection of photographs that showcase the event.

Day 1: Engaging Discussions and Keynote Addresses

The conference kicked off on June 18th with coffee and registration at 8:15 AM, followed by a welcome address from representatives of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects and BMT. The morning session featured a series of insightful presentations:

    • Keynote Address: Rear Admiral Rachel Durbin CSC, RAN, delivered an inspiring keynote that set the tone for the day. Her speech emphasized the importance of innovation and collaboration in advancing naval technologies.
    • Human Factors and Ship Design: The first session was divided into two streams – Human Factors and Ship Design. Notable presentations included:
      • Impact of Human-Driven Motion Criteria on Vessel Design by Peter Hield from DST Group.
      • Enhancing Naval Auxiliaries Through Human-Centric Modular Design by Andrew Harris from BMT.

Day 1: Afternoon Sessions and Networking

The afternoon sessions continued with a focus on Digital Engineering and further discussions on Ship Design. Highlights included:

  • Modelling and Simulation for Future Radical Warships by Matt Hood from Nova Systems.
  • Machine Learning Approach to Wave Environment and Hull Stress Pattern Identification by Teresa Magoga from DST Group.

The day concluded with a general discussion and closure at 5:00 PM, providing attendees an opportunity to reflect on the insights shared throughout the day.

Day 2: Advanced Topics and Closing Ceremony

June 19th commenced with a welcome address from Mel Slater, Director Maritime at Defence SA, followed by an engaging keynote from Glenn Callow, Chief Technology Officer at Austal Limited.

  • Large Uncrewed Surface Vessels (LUSV): The morning session delved into the challenges and advancements in LUSV. Key presentations included:
    • Navigating Challenges: Design, Technology, and Operational Lessons by Jacob Bailey from Austal and Harry Hubbert from Greenroom Robotics.
  • Energy and Propulsion Systems: The final sessions of the conference focused on energy solutions for modern warships, with presentations such as:
    • Modelling to Support Naval Platform Integration of Laser Directed Energy Weapon Systems by Christian Rayes from DST Group.

Capturing the Conference Highlights

Throughout the conference, I aimed to capture not just the formal presentations but also the candid interactions and the dynamic atmosphere of the event. The Adelaide Convention Centre provided a perfect backdrop with its state-of-the-art facilities and stunning views.

Conclusion and Reflections

Warship 2024: Future Surface Combatants was a remarkable event that showcased the latest advancements in naval architecture and defense technology. As a photographer, it was an enriching experience to document this convergence of innovation and expertise.

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